What's holding you back from running faster and farther with less injury?

+ Primary goals

  • Stay healthy and happy by minimizing risk of running injury
  • Identify technique challenges that can limit your running performance and efficiency
  • Identify weaknesses and nervous system pattern problems that can limit your strength, running speed and technique

+ Steps toward your success

  • Step 1: Identify the problems. A thorough examination and evaluation of the musculoskeletal system is performed to identify problem areas. This will include your running posture, strength, power, stability, and mobility along with the gait evaluation.

  • Step 2: Correct the running technique. Are you ready for performance improvements in efficiency and speed? Decrease abnormal stresses while working toward performance improvements in efficiency and speed. Some performance changes are gained immediately. Some will take 3-6 weeks of consistent practice to realize. You may wish to schedule other 30 minute follow-up technique training sessions.

  • Step 3: Do your homework. The technique skills you learn need to be practiced during your regular runs in order to be fully developed. A home exercise program will address limitations of strength and mobility that are inhibiting your optimal performance. You may wish to schedule other 30-60 minute follow-up training sessions for tune-ups, recovery, injury treatment, running posture correction, strengthening, power work, stabilization and mobility improvement.