Our "No Fluff" Guarantee

1. We guarantee that you will not receive the same amount of direct attention or hands-on care in any other local clinic. 

2. We will provide you with the most effective treatments in order to bring you relief as quickly as possible. 

3. You will receive treatment and learn techniques to improve pain during your first visit. 

4. We treat only one patient at each scheduled time so that you will never feel like you are just one in a crowd of many. 

5. We will value your time. 

The details

At Mountain Ridge Physical Therapy you will receive only one-on-one care with a licensed Physical Therapist. No treatment is performed by aides, technicians, or students. This results in a quicker, safer, and less complicated path to your best outcome. Your time is important. Both our experience and published research indicate that patients get better faster when they have one skilled clinician monitoring their progress and performing treatment.   

After completing a couple short medical history forms you will receive a thorough examination and evaluation to identify your injury as well as potential causes. We listen to the problems you are having. This also helps to safely screen for individuals that would benefit from seeing another medical practitioner. We provide you with a detailed explanation of your injury and answer all of your questions. Understanding your injury through education is the best way to ensure your success.

We will discuss potential treatments and these may vary from what you would initially think. Some injuries cannot be resolved until we have considered your body and your life as a whole. An old ankle injury may be causing your new hip pain. A new arm pain could be related to your trunk and neck posture. As contributing factors are discovered, specific treatments can target the right areas.

Treatment often involves a combination of soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue) techniques as well as joint mobilization techniques. It is common for us to spend 30-60 minutes doing these hands-on manual treatments. We often use therapeutic exercise to improve the faulty postures, instabilities and weaknesses that so many of us have but are unaware of. You will be asked to perform the assigned exercises regularly at your home as we do not believe in charging you for time that could be better spent on resolving the tissue dysfunction with manual therapy.

There is a chance you may also benefit from adjuncts like heat or cold packs and electrical stimulation though we strive to avoid unnecessary use of these items unless you would truly benefit from them.

By being "out-of-network" with any insurances the therapist enters into a contract with you, the patient, to provide Physical Therapy treatment in a manner that both of us have determined will help achieve the treatment goals most efficiently. In the end, this decreases the stress of getting to numerous appointments and saves you time. Patients pay a reasonable fee at the time of service. This allows us to focus on the best possible treatments. You may still submit for reimbursement from your health insurance carrier.

Mountain Ridge Physical Therapy Traditional Physical Therapy
average 3-6 visits per injury average 12-15 visits per injury
90 minute initial evaluation visit allows for increased treatment time on your first day 30-60 minute initial evaluation visit, depending on the clinic and PT and you may not receive treatment that day
60 minute standard follow-up visits 20-60 minute follow-up visits, depending on the clinic
only one-on-one care with a single PT limited one-on-one time with a PT (often ranges from 5-20 minutes each session or as infrequently as once every month)
only one-on-one care with a single PT may see multiple PTs, increasing time lost to yet another clinician who likely needs to perform some of the same examination and evaluation over again
no reliance on lesser trained staff in treatment dependence on multiple lesser trained staff to complete treatment sessions
optional tune-up and maintenance visits business model does not/cannot accommodate to tune-up and maintenance visits
receive treatments that will improve your injury the quickest, independent of what insurances attempt to dictate only receive treatments that can be billed to insurance, not necessarily the treatments you would benefit from most
receive treatments that will improve your injury the quickest, independent of what insurances attempt to dictate excessive use of unskilled or less effective treatments, such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound
no other patients requiring staff attention during your scheduled time 1 to 3 other patients requiring staff attention during your scheduled time
increased patient privacy decreased patient privacy
one reasonable upfront fee for personalized services ranging from $10 to $95 each visit co-pays, co-insurances, and deductible contributions adding to $25 to $75 every visit
no surprise bills 1-3 months later surprise bills 1-3 months later for the remaining amount owed toward deductible and/or denied services
decreased overall expense increased overall expense
increased time savings in your busy schedule increased time demands in your busy schedule