Healthy Work Tip Tuesday - 3 More Desk Work Tips for Neck Pain and Back Pain

  1. Be aware of your use of bifocal glasses. I’ve seen many patients that inadvertently stress the nerves and muscles in their neck by spending so much time with their head and neck tilted upward to look through the bottom of their glasses. This tightens the suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull and contributes to a “forward head” posture. Some have opted to use a single prescription lens to avoid this position. It also helps to keep your glasses up closer to your eyes and not at the tip of your nose.
  2. Stand up every time you take or make a phone call.
  3. Keep your low back in a neutral alignment from left to right. It’s the same idea as the neck. Constantly curving the low back's spine one direction so you can lean on your chair’s arm rest is a recipe for disaster. This can commonly lead to nerve compression at the low back as well as muscle length imbalances.